Ion-exchange resinates

The ion-exchange resinates are obtained by using special enamelled reactors.

Taste Masked Syrups

This technology is used for the creation of modified release forms, nevertheless a very specific application is for masking the unpleasant taste of some active principles.
These can be transformed in resinates and suspended in a no taste syrup.
After ingestion, the gastric acid will free the active principle for a normal or contolled activity. 

Some principles of Chemistry

Ion-exchange resins are polymers presenting linked ionisable groups (generally weak acids or bases). In case of cationic resins, the protons can be replaced by other molecules having the same charge.
For example, by using a cationic resin, its H+ can be replaced by a positive ionisable group of a raw material in it chloridrate form, creating a new compound: a resinate. This new compound, stable at neutral pH, will free the active molecule when, after ingestion, reaches the gastric HCl solution.