Advantages of modified release pellets forms in comparison with normal galenical forms.

A short half-life time of the medicament and its active metabolites oblige the patient to take many doses a day. A calculate release dissolution of the medicament compensate the clearance of the active principle maintaining the therapeutic activity desired for a long time.

Absorbtion peaks risks in normal galenical forms should be avoided by paying attention to the over dosages. A reduced but constant release of the active principle can eliminate any dangerous peak.

Some medicaments are destroyed by gastric acidity. Thanks to a gastro-enteric coating, the medicament is protected until its arrival into the duodenum.

Gastric irritation or sensation of heaviness in the stomach are strongly reduced with a multiparticulated form as.

Big variation on the speed of the gastro-intestinal tractus passage with consequent variation of therapeutic effects is avoided because the passage time through the gastro-intestinal tractus becomes more homogeneous.